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2017 China Games Billboard Results

On January 18th, Tencent Games hosted its first China Games Billboard award ceremony at the Beijing Performing Arts Center with more than 500 in attendance. Hou Xiaonan, Tencent’s open platform and content platform general manager, spoke during the opening ceremony stating that 2017 brought a diverse content feast for users, and that Tencent is working on bringing content creation and the game industry together to bring sparks and new ideas.

In the recent year, the gaming industry in China has come into a new era of content with an emphasis on quality. There’s also been a surge in game products, gaming tournaments, media productions, and pan-entertainment collaborations. There were a total of 46 awards, with special categories for independent games in order to encourage and promote development. Winners were selected with a combination of votes from the Organizing Committee, online voting by users, and on-site voting by guests. The 2017 China Games Billboard Awards are as follows:

Industry Choice Awards
Top 10 Most Downloaded Games: Europa, PUBG, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, League of Legends, Jian Wang 3 Remastered, World of Warcraft, Shen Wu 3, Tales of Eternia, Minecraft, Zhu Xian 3
Ten Most Popular Mobile Games: Kings of Glory, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils: Mobile, Novoland Castle in the Sky, Dragon Nest Mobile, Beng Huai 3, Barbarian Battle, Strongest NBA, Knives Out, Fate/Grand Order, Battle of Balls
Ten Most Popular Web Games: Naruto ONLINE, Tanwan Lanyue, Daomu Biji, Legend of the Red Moon 2, The Road of the West, Eternal Love, Calibur of Spirit, Sanren Chuanshuo, Aion, Kakshasa Street
Top Ten Most Anticipated Mobile Games: QQ Speed Tour, PUBG: Battlefield, PUBG: Army Attack, The King of Fighters: Destiny, Miracle MU: Awakening, I Am MT 4, King of Kings 3D, Sky, Wulin Waizhuan Guanfang Mobile, Jian Wang 3: Mobile
Best Role-Playing Mobile Game of the Year: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
Best Mobile Strategy Game of the Year: Clash of Kings
Best Casual Mobile Game of the Year: Happy Dou Dizhu
Best Mobile Game of the Year: Monument Valley 2
Web Game of the Year: Legendary World of War Sword Horizon H5
Best 2D Game of the Year: Onmyouji
Best Game Engine of the Year: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Company Awards
Ten Remarkable Mobile Companies: Tencent Games, NetEase, Perfect World, 37 Interactive Entertainment, Ourpalm, Giant Interactive, ChangYou, NetDragon Websoft, Shanda, Xishanju
Ten Outstanding Mobile Companies: Kunlun Wanwei, Dianhun Network, iDreamSky, Kingsgroup, Yinhan Games, Zilong Entertainment, Zulong Entertainment, CMGE, 7Road, Duoyi Network
Top Five Table Game Platforms: Tencent Qipai, JJ, Poker City, Lianzhong Games, Tuyou Games

Media Choice Awards
Year’s Best Indie Game: Cuphead
Year’s Best Story: To The Moon
Best Art Design of the Year: Cuphead
Best Game of the Year: To The Moon
Most Innovative Game of the Year: Death Coming

Esports Awards
Special Player of the Year: Representatives of Game Growth Guardian Platform, UUU9-88, Huang Xudong, Chen Wei, Zhao Yongquan
Most Popular Esports Team: RNG (League of Legends), LFY (DoTA), QGhappy (Kings of Glory)
Most Cutting-Edge Esports Team: 4AM (PUBG), EDGM (Kings of Glory), RBT (Battle of Balls)
Coach of the Year: RNG Firefox (League of Legends)
Best Esports Event
Most Popular Commentators: Milei (League of Legends), Zeyuan (League of Legends), Li Jiu (Kings of Glory)
Year’s Most Popular Anchors: Xiao Zhi (League of Legends), Wei Shen (PUBG), Saonan (League of Legends)
Most Cutting-Edge Anchors: Hanpaopao, Cuojie, Xia Yi Ke
Year’s Most Popular Streaming Platforms: Douyu, Penguin Gaming, Huya,, Quanmin
Year’s Most Recommended Gaming Peripheral: Somic G618 Pro headset

Pan-Entertainment Awards
Best Mobile Game Adapted from an Animation: Full-time Master
Best Mobile Game Adaptation of Literature: Zhu Xian Mobile
Most Popular Comic: Little Matchmaker Fox Demon, Feiren Zai, Yiren Zhixia
Most Popular Animation Startups: CGYear, Shizi Xing, Aha Animation
Most Popular 2D Platforms: Tencent animation, Bilibili, Kuaikan Comics
Most Popular Game Animations: Full-time Master, The King of Fighters, Qiang Niang
Most Popular Voice Actors: Zhang Jie, Bian Jiang, Shan Xin
Most Popular 2D Culture Group: Black Vision Studio
Most Popular Cosplayers:  Tian Lang, Tian Zhu Yan, Mao Xiao Duo
Most Popular Game-based Movies: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Assassin’s Creed
Best Game Marketing: Minecraft and the Beijing Water Cube, League of Legends World Championship lighting of the four city’s landmarks, Kings of Glory’s Great Wall protection plan