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Taobao Offers Pokemon Go Essentials

Pokemon Go, the mobile game released in selected countries in July 2016, has become a global phenomenon with more than 130 million downloads. Although analysts say China will likely never get Pokemon Go for various reasons (including ties with Google and heavy reliance on GPS), popular online retailer Taobao is advertising Pokemon Go “essentials” on its front page. It calls the sale an “overseas special” with the hope of tapping into players abroad with access to the game (Hong Kong in particular).

The products in the “Pokemon Go” collection include portable battery chargers, cell phone cases, charging cables, backpacks, and hats.

ChinaJoy 2016: The Future of VR and Mobile Gaming

ChinaJoy is like the E3 of China, the Tokyo Game Show of Shanghai. It features nearly every company with a finger in the video game pie, whether it be mobile, console, or computer; both hardware and software. There are booths for motherboards, PC case mods, headphones, and keyboard; stages set for League of Legends, CounterStrike, and StarCraft 2 tournaments (along with mobile MOBAs trying to break into the scene); beauty pageants, dance shows, and cosplay competitions; 120,000 square meters of digital media companies vying for the attention of 270,000 visitors. Although ChinaJoy's name recognition in the West comes from the big Hearthstone announcement, VR headsets dominated the show floors.

From huge companies like Sony showing off their VR hardware, to tiny unknowns like Viriver Network Technology, ChinaJoy was overcome with VR fever. If there was any concern that VR would simply be a gimmick technology, worry no more-- development is huge and looking to grow. There were FPSs,…