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Silver Medalist Han Tianyu Loves Online Games

With over 67 million people playing League of Legends worldwide per month, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some Olympic athletes competing in Sochi rank it among one of their favorite hobbies. Han Tianyu, who placed silver in this year’s 1500m speed skating competition in Sochi and won China their first medal of the Winter Olympics, admitted in a post-match interview that he was very fond of online games. At seventeen years old, despite his success and dedication to skating, Han Tianyu still enjoys the hobbies of his peers, stating, “I’ve played every game, but the one I play most is League of Legends. I’m in gold division.”

On Weibo, Tencent Sports wrote to Han Tianyu, “Congratulations! When you come back, play a game of LOL with Chen Yibing!” Gymnast Chen Yibing, who won two gold medals in the 2008 Olympics and one silver medal in the 2012 Olympics, is also a League fan. In July 2013, he attended the Star Charity Gaming Challenge in Shanghai, a casual League tournament meant t…

2014's Most Anticipated PC Games

QQ Games has been releasing a list of “Most Anticipated PC Games” by genre since the Chinese New Year on the 31st of January. The first list was for most anticipated shooters, the second for simulation games, and today they released their list for most anticipated role-playing games. Each list contains 15, 8, and 30 games respectively; I’ll only list their top five, though I’ll link to the full article—they always include a picture for each game, so some of you should be able to identify each one (consider it a test of your gaming expertise).