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April 2013 List of Top Games Played in Internet Cafes

QQ just published a list of the top one-hundred games played in Chinese Internet cafes for the month of April. I’ve condensed the list to the top fifteen, but you can view the full list here. Included with the titles are the position changes from March and the game’s genre. 4 of the 15 are American-developed games.

  1. League of Legends  ↑2  (MOBA)
  2. Dungeon Fighter Online  ↓1  (Multiplayer beat ‘em up)
  3. Cross Fire  ↓1  (MMOFPS)
  4. GKART  --  (MMO Racing)
  5. QQ Dazzle Dance  --  (Dancing/rhythm)
  6. Against War (aka: NZ)  ↑1  (MMOFPS)
  7. Dream Three Kingdoms  ↓1  (RTS/MOBA)
  8. QQ Dazzle Dance Demo  ↑2  (Dancing/rhythm)
  9. Cross Fire Demo  ↓1  (MMOFPS)
  10. Fantasy Westward Journey  ↓1  (MMORPG)
  11. NBA 2K Online  ↑1  (Sports)
  12. World of Warcraft  ↑3  (MMORPG)
  13. World of Tanks  --  (MMO Action)
  14. Counter-Strike Online  ↓3  (Multiplayer FPS)
  15. Ask Tao  ↑1  (Turn-based MMORPG)
According to Wikipedia, Fantasy Westward Journey (#10) was the most popular online game in China in May 2007. Weirdly, DOTA is not on the list of the top 100. The comments have complained about DOTA not making the list, saying cafes must be lying or Tencent is flexing its advertising muscles (many of the games on the list belong to them).


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