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Rift to be Released in China via Shanda

We all know about the relationship between China and World of Warcraft-- it is at once obsessive and turbulent-- but Trion CEO Lars Buttler still smells profit in the distant land of the Middle Kingdom. Buttler announced today that his company’s MMO Rift will be establishing a foothold in China via Chinese online gaming operator Shanda.

Rift was released in the North America, Europe, and Australia in March 2011 for the PC, to a fairly decent reception and has already grossed $100 million in revenue. Although there’s no exact date, it should be released in China later this year, with Buttler stating that he hopes it will be contribute a significant amount of revenue.

On Gamasutra Buttler outlines why Trion made the decision to go with Shanda, and why Shanda decided to operate Rift:

They are innovative and have a huge reach. We definitely picked them, but they also, I think, fell in love with Rift… We talked to a number of the big operators. Shanda is probably the best, and…