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Esports to be Included in 2018 Asian Games

The Asian Games are the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games and are recognized by the International Olympic Committee. It's held every four years with participants from forty-six nations. This year, for the first time, esports will be featured as a demonstration sport. This means players won't be receiving medals, but it's an amazing first step in the legitimization of eSports and its categorization as a competitive sport. This comes five years after the Chinese StateGeneral Administration of Sports formed an esports national team to participate in the Asian Indoor Games.

The Asian Games esports demonstation will include six videogames:
League of LegendsPro Evolution Soccer 2018Arena of ValorStarcraft IIHearthstoneClash Royale Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 comes from Japanese publisher Konami and Arena of Valor comes from Chinese publisher Tencent.

Arena of Valor and Clash Royale are also both mobile games, a platform whose competitive scene has boomed in …
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Games Fusion 2018: Beijing Game Festival

Beijing hosted video game festival Games Fusion by GameCores this past weekend, May 5-6, at the Etrong International Exhibition Convention Center. For two days, you could get your fill of new, unreleased, indie, retro, and board games while earning points for your team and winning free merch.

When you bought your ticket, you chose whether you wanted to be on the Blue team or the Red team, and you'd receive a ticket with the corresponding color. Once you arrived at Games Fusion, your ticket would be replaced with a colored wristband. At the festival, you could play against members from the other team in games like Mario Kart 8, Bomberman, Gang Beasts, Overcooked, and board games like Save Penguins, Pop-Up Pirate, and Let's Go Fishin'. Whichever team won the challenge won points for their team, with "Hell Challenges" like Densha De Go, Bayonetta 2, Tetris DS, and Super Mario Maker awarding more points and the potential to win a Nintendo Switch, or (if you beat all…

China's 2017 Game Industry Market Report

At the end of March, dozens of publicly traded game companies including Tencent and NetEase disclosed their 2017 financial statements (or performance forecasts). Recently, people from Youxi Putao collected the information for 50 companies that had disclosed reports and ranked them by net profit. Companies that did not disclose net profit specifically for their game business have been replaced by net profit for their group, marked with a *. The table below ranks the top 30 by revenue, but includes their net profit ranking.
In total, 38 companies achieved a net profit of 100 million yuan, and another 9 companies doubled their net profits this past year.
Tencent and NetEase still firmly occupy the upper echelons of the gaming industry with net profits reaching 10 billion. Ranks 3-13 constitute a secondary echelon where net profit is more than 1 billion. 37, Perfect World, Kingsoft, Giant Interactive, and Seasun are established companies in this area and have remained strong. Some compan…

Wonder Festival 2018 [PreStage] -- Video

Beijing Encourages Social Responsibility from Online Game Companies

On April 2nd in Beijing, The Building Responsibility, Guiding Online Games – First China Games Ceremony sponsored by Xinhua Net was held, aimed to promote the healthy development of online games and promote the fulfillment of social responsibility by game companies. Event participants included leaders from the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, and other government departments, along with more than 300 game companies like Tencent Games, Netease, Shanda, Giant Interactive, Youzu Interactive, and Tongcheng Game.
Wei Zichuan, director and executive vice president of Xinhua Net, said at the meeting that, in recent years, online games have developed rapidly and their content has been continuously improving. However, there are also some games which lack meaningful cultural content and style, individual works which distort history and spoof national heroes, misunderstand values, and touch the moral bottom line, among other issues.
“Online g…

Tencent's Ma Huateng Says You Can't Ban Addicted Gamers

Ma Huateng, chief executive officer of Tencent, recently stated that the phenomenon of teenagers video game addiction should be prevented and treated. However, he believes outright banning of video games is not an appropriate approach, and more flexible management techniques should be considered. For example, linking daily tasks such as studying and homework directly to the length of time spent playing games. What do players think?
Player Comment 1: What do people who make games owe you? First you blame arcades, then you blamed Internet cafes, now you blame Kings of Glory. Outstanding people are still outstanding, if your family education program has problems, just take a page from videogames and blame your teammates.
Player Comment 2: In the past when there were no videogames, weren’t they all playing with mud, catching bugs, and being mischievous? How much did you smoke and drink in those days? How much does it matter? If you ban this, there will just be some other craze, how far wil…

99% of Banned PUBG Accounts Come From China: A Look at China's Cheating Industry

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has reached 30 million players worldwide, according to data released by producer Bluehole, with Chinese players accounting for 46%. However, PUBG’s anti-cheating tech provider, BattlEye, also released data showing that 99% of accounts banned for cheating are from China.
Programmers, sales platforms, and agents who promote and sell illegal mods make up a tight industry of plug-in (also called mods, add-ons, bots; anything where software assistance affects gameplay in order to gain an unfair advantage over opponents) sales, where some hundreds of programs are distributed and sold for high prices, generating what’s called “gray income”.
The Capabilities of Cheating
PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale game that drops 100 players onto a deserted island where they must scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill each other and survive as long as possible. The number of players diminishes as they are killed, and the map grows smaller and smaller until …

2017 China Games Billboard Results

On January 18th, Tencent Games hosted its first China Games Billboard award ceremony at the Beijing Performing Arts Center with more than 500 in attendance. Hou Xiaonan, Tencent’s open platform and content platform general manager, spoke during the opening ceremony stating that 2017 brought a diverse content feast for users, and that Tencent is working on bringing content creation and the game industry together to bring sparks and new ideas.
In the recent year, the gaming industry in China has come into a new era of content with an emphasis on quality. There’s also been a surge in game products, gaming tournaments, media productions, and pan-entertainment collaborations. There were a total of 46 awards, with special categories for independent games in order to encourage and promote development. Winners were selected with a combination of votes from the Organizing Committee, online voting by users, and on-site voting by guests. The 2017 China Games Billboard Awards are as follows:

2017 China Games Billboard People's Vote Closes

Voting has closed for the 2017 China Games Billboard awards, presented by QQ Games. Popular vote was available for the gaming section of the awards, although final winners will be determined by judges on January 18th. Regardless, check out the top three winners of each category according to the vote. The esports section did not have a popular vote, but each category's nominees are listed below. Other categories included:

Best Gaming Coach

RNG Firefox (League of Legends)
Best Esports Event

League of Legends World Championship in Beijing
Most Popular Commentator

Milei (League of Legends)Zeyuan (League of Legends)Li Jiu (Kings of Glory)
Most Popular Anchor

Xiao Zhi (League of Legends)Wei Shen (PUBG)Saonan (League of Legends)
Cutting-Edge Anchor

HanpaopaoCuojieXia Yi Ke
Most Popular Streaming Platform

DouyuPenguin GamingHuyaPanda.tvQuanmin
Best Gaming Peripheral

Somic G618 Pro headset

2017 Chinese Game Billboard is Coming (Video)

Voting is now open for users to pick their favorite games of 2017. Voting closes on December 29th and the awards ceremony will take place on January 18. Check out the video below to see some of the categories and the nominees that are currently leading.